Our tools for active monitoring

Although we deliver solutions to several industries, our current focus is renewable energy. Partnering with VCT Group, and drawing on their deep experience in the solar industry, we developed Solar Workbench, which actively monitors solar units for reliable and efficient operations and maintenance.

Solar Workbench

Solar Workbench monitors the solar systems built and supported by VCT Group, integrates the data, including from cameras and sensors, and uses automated fault detection, subcomponent monitoring and data analytics to detect problems missed by existing monitoring solutions. The data is transferred to VCT Group’s operation and maintenance team so they can fully assimilate their workflow, from detecting a problem right through to its resolution.

We don’t just deliver software; we deliver active monitoring.

Our trained monitors use only Solar Workbench. They can work more efficiently than traditional monitoring services, because our system was built from the ground up to bring the right data together with automated workflow and tracking, so nothing gets missed.

By refining our active monitoring, we improve the efficiency of our operation and maintenance. And when we do that, we improve your bottom line.

How are we saving you money? Our analytics allow precise measurement of production losses across a solar portfolio. We can precisely calculate how much money you’re losing and why.

In development . . .

In the coming months, we’ll be adding additional features to Workbench to support EV chargers and batteries.