Consultants – Migrant workers, dressed by Armani. Geographically dispersed. First languages vary, but all are fluent in Bizbuz (see below), the common mother tongue. Major rituals include the pitch, the progress review, and the procurement of the follow-on engagement.
bizbuz – Multi-syllabic business terms that have the double benefit of providing instant credibility while preventing any leakage of content or substance into a conversation about what to do and why.
Eileen C. Shapiro’s book: “The Seven Deadly Sins of Business

Unfortunately the above definition seems all too familiar when you think of consulting. At BoxBrite we prefer to think of consulting as sharing our experience and expertise helping our clients achieve their objectives. We won’t claim to know all the answers, but in our experience if we work together we can find the best solution to meet your needs. Often you may have most of the pieces already, you just need an outside perspective to help put it all together. At other times you may need some additional components and if we can’t directly provide them, then we can probably figure out who can. For some examples of where we’ve been able to help check out Our Successes.

Our Commitment:

  • You are in charge. We may bring expertise, processes and best practices, but you still have ultimate say in how the engagement proceeds.
  • You will know who you are working with. We will identify up-front any resources involved in the work so you can be confident of the skills and capabilities of our people.
  • No surprises. You should understand what your final costs will be, what the deliverables are, and what processes will be followed. We will do our best to keep you informed all the way through an engagement.
  • We are your partner. We can’t succeed without your help, and you can’t without ours. As a partner we need to raise any issues that are jeopardizing a successful outcome. If we aren’t getting the resources or information we need from you, we will raise the issue and resolve it together. Conversely, if what we are doing isn’t meeting your needs we expect to be told and will work together to resolve it.