Our values

What you should know about us

There are a few things you should know about us, things that are central to the way we do business:

  1. Integrity is crucial. We are transparent. The lines of communication are always open. If we’ve said we’d do it, consider it done. You can count on us.
  2. We care about the planet, and strive to live justly and equitably with those who live on it. That means we’ll be stewards of your investment, and we’ll never take advantage of you.
  3. Success is measured not in dollar signs, but in smiles. If we’ve done our work well, our partners are delighted to continue the relationship, and our employees find meaning in their work.

So, when a customer talks about the great job we’ve done for them, and how much they appreciate us – that puts a big smile on our face.

When we do a demonstration for a potential customer, and we knock it out of the park, we get butterflies.

When an employee, a newcomer to Canada, buys their first house, achieves a goal, or accomplishes something that might not have happened if they hadn’t worked for us, well, you can imagine that makes our day.

When an employee thanks us for the opportunity to work with us, at that moment, you know this is more than a job for them!

Trusted relationships are at the core of our business.