Operations and monitoring

Our core service

The core of what we offer is an active monitoring service for solar units. The focus our of solution is not on how fancy the system looks or the number of features, but rather does it save you money or generate more money for you?

Our solutions are built from the ground up to monitor solar panel systems effectively. So we can monitor many more systems with a higher accuracy than relying on the standard software provided by manufacturers.  We also constantly advance our automation and analytics capabilities to detect finer problems and improve effectiveness.

Sit back, relax, and get on with the other work that makes your business thrive. We’ve got your solar system covered. Our trained professionals constantly work to ensure your investment operates at peak efficiency. Here’s how:


We consume detailed subcomponent-level data daily, using advanced extraction tools to get the information we need.

And then we communicate that information clearly and efficiently to you, so you can understand the trends, patterns and irregularities in the data.

System performance

We investigate hardware-generated faults daily. Our advanced solution allows us to either handle faults automatically or investigate them in seconds, and we tailor a response suited to your unique requirements.

We deliver a weekly analysis of your system’s performance. This analysis allows us to detect problems that may not be generating a hardware fault, but are costing you money. Here’s how we do it:

  • A trained analyst examines all system components, including inverters, strings, trackers etc.
  • We use environmental data, combined with both intra-site and inter-site comparisons, advanced analytics and any available camera data.
  • We quickly catch emerging problems and know whether an issue is weather- or system- related.


Each month you will receive a report that shows your daily system performance and all monitoring, investigation or repair activities that we have performed for you. You understand your system’s performance in one quick glance.

As part of our annual service, you receive a summary report looking at your long-term trends, and an invitation to tell us how we can continue to improve our service.