Our Projects

Bright ideas outside the box

Boxbrite measures success in the longevity of the solutions and the value to the client, not by the number of cutting-edge features. Our goal is to create a seamless integration solution, rather than add yet one more piece of technology to your existing processes. 

Longevity indicates how reliable and maintainable the solution is and whether it continues to maintain its value over time. As your needs evolve over time, we are there each step of the way.

We know we can already integrate data from a wide variety of systems, and if we don’t support everything used as part of your current processes, we can likely find a way to integrate or replace it. Some of the projects we’ve worked on have challenged us to come up with creative solutions to tough problems.

Whether your challenge involves solar power, EV chargers, personalized software to a large group of employees or prototyping exercises, isn’t it nice to know our people have your back?

Our tools for active monitoring

Although we deliver solutions to several industries, our current focus is renewable energy. Partnering with VCT Group, and drawing on their deep experience in the solar industry, we developed Solar Workbench, which actively monitors solar units for reliable and efficient operations and maintenance.

Solar Workbench

Solar Workbench monitors the solar systems built and supported by VCT Group, integrates the data, including from cameras and sensors, and uses automated fault detection, subcomponent monitoring and data analytics to detect problems missed by existing monitoring solutions. The data is transferred to VCT Group’s operation and maintenance team so they can fully assimilate their workflow, from detecting a problem right through to its resolution.

We don’t just deliver software; we deliver active monitoring.

Our trained monitors use only Solar Workbench. They can work more efficiently than traditional monitoring services, because our system was built from the ground up to bring the right data together with automated workflow and tracking, so nothing gets missed.

By refining our active monitoring, we improve the efficiency of our operation and maintenance. And when we do that, we improve your bottom line.

How are we saving you money? Our analytics allow precise measurement of production losses across a solar portfolio. We can precisely calculate how much money you’re losing and why.

In development . . .

In the coming months, we’ll be adding additional features to Workbench to support EV chargers and batteries.

Interested in being a distributor?

You already have a trusted relationship with your customers. Our distributor program supports your commitment to your customers by quickly catching problems that might otherwise be overlooked, saving you time and your customers money.

We provide an end-to-end solution – from monitoring to job and task tracking – at no cost to your company. Our standardized platform ingests data from many of the existing inverter manufacturers, and we can fully support and integrate with your processes.

You still own the customer relationship, but we’ll do the workflow and monitoring. Our advanced analytics and reporting help you focus on providing professional guidance, rather than having to spend your time extracting, analyzing and presenting the data. Your customers are happier because they are paying for that guidance and not the repeated effort of getting the data.

We’ll help you take care of your customers, not just once, but as opportunities arise for your customers to upgrade or take on additional projects.

Let us help you keep your customers, and keep them coming back, year after year.