Tech company joins force with Ontario solar distributor

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WATERLOO REGION – As the solar industry experiences unprecedented growth in Canada, a local solar tech company has partnered with a Toronto-based distributor to optimize customers’ investment in alternative energy sources.

Distributed Resources, a renewable energy consulting firm specializing in solar power, will act as a distributor for the software services that Boxbrite Technologies offers.

“We’ll add value to Boxbrite’s insights into system performance by recommending fixes and improvements to the system, and by providing and installing solutions through our network,” says Andrew Clare, founder and director of Distributed Resources. “I’m excited to explore new opportunities with Boxbrite and see how they can help our existing customers get the best out of their alternative energy systems.”

The partnership will optimize and position existing investments in green energy by building on the trust Distributed Resources has built as a consultant and trusted advisor on issues in the Ontario industry at large.

“We’ve really benefited from the knowledge and experience that Distributed Resources has brought to the table as we’ve been exploring expansion opportunities,” says Leon Kehl, executive leader at Boxbrite Technologies, based in Floradale. “We’ve got great depth of experience in building software solutions, but we’ve absolutely have benefited from industry partnerships.”

Boxbrite is piloting this model with Distributed Resources.

About Distributed Resources
Distributed Resources delivers expertise in renewable energy through consulting services in net-metering and solar business proposition analysis, grant applications, and other energy and sustainability-related activities. The company also offers solar energy system installations for homes and businesses, as well as monitoring and reporting services.
Andrew Clare has worked in business development, application and contract management, domestic content and other roles in a variety of both FIT and microFIT projects. He has worked in the development of CanSIA’s Distributed Generation Task Force, researching jurisdictional best practices and helping create policy suggestions to be presented to government.

About Boxbrite
Boxbrite develops software solutions for renewable energy, particularly in the solar energy industry, to aid in the transition of energy systems to a sustainable future. Through a solid partnership with VCT Group of Waterloo, Boxbrite’s team monitors the solar panels at evolv1, Canada’s first zero-carbon building.
The company permanently eliminated its office space last autumn and the team works from their home-centred offices. Seventy per cent of its employees are highly educated and skilled newcomers to Canada. And more than half of the team are women. Some members of the team have sought refuge here, and other team members live with neurodiversity.