Welcome to Boxbrite

You can count on us, wherever you are.

We are small but mighty. We are a rapidly growing knowledge- and relationship-based company powered by a diverse group of people who are innovators, creative thinkers and researchers. We deliver software solutions to help our energy systems transition to a sustainable future.

Image of people standing physically distanced in a parking lot covered by solar panel structure

Since founding Boxbrite in 2003, Leon Kehl has developed software solutions across industries, including research, insurance, medical systems, banking and the energy sector.

For the last decade, our solutions have focused on serving the green energy industry. We’ve applied our decades of diverse experience as we’ve developed solutions that use advanced analytics and active monitoring processes to ensure solar energy systems perform at peak efficiency for years.

You are part of this transformation in renewable energy. You’ve done the right thing, for the planet and for our climate. We protect this investment with active monitoring solutions that combine automated fault detection, and schedule manual inspection to coordinate with your operation and maintenance activities.


While solutions using software is our wheelhouse, people are always the first step. We invest time and resources to ensure a good fit right from the first conversation. We view the future through a lens of sustainability for the earth, and long-term partnerships based on trust and mutual benefit. We thrive on trusted relationships with our partners, and with our highly skilled employees.


You’ve got a problem with your green energy system. Maybe it’s inefficient, or glitching. You’re losing money. You need help.

That’s where we come in. First, we ask questions to help us understand your existing processes and challenges. Then we see how we can develop our solutions to fit with your unique situation, rather than giving you a cookie-cutter solution and leaving the problem for you to solve.


We develop software solutions for the renewable energy industry, often semi-customized, based on our core software technology. Working with multiple clients allows us to achieve efficiencies for our clients and expand our capabilities, and we approach each engagement as a trusted internal IT department might.

Our core technology integrates information, workflow and processes, delivering actionable decisions to:

  • Better visualize your data;
  • Provide trained monitoring resources to work with you to keep systems working at peak efficiency
  • Detect and fix problems you might not notice, and using algorithms to reduce the noise and volume of alerts;
  • Achieve better tracking of your workflow, from detecting problems to resolving them;
  • Ability to precisely measure the costs and efficiencies of faults and processes;
  • Assist with operations and monitoring, to ensure peak energy generation and performance.

Your data is monitored by real humans trained to detect faults.

Trusted relationships are at the core of our business.