Active Monitoring

The Boxbrite Advantage

You’ve invested in your green energy system, so of course you want to trust us before handing over the reigns. Since we rely heavily on trusted relationships and delivering results, every process starts and ends with a conversation. We make sure we can deliver anything we promise. 

With decades of experience developing technological results under our belts, we are experts in robust solutions capable of ingesting, processing, analyzing, and visualizing data from hundreds of thousands of data points. In real-time.

We integrate with widely used technologies in the industry, and with vendors such as SolarEdge, Enphase, ABB, Fronius, and SolarLog. We also combine data from cameras and sensors to track operation and maintenance activities by supporting solutions providers such as FieldAware and PowerHub.  

We want customers to always feel they are receiving far more value from our services than what our services cost. So, here’s what else you can expect:

  • We are your partner. If issues arise that jeopardize a successful outcome, we need to talk about it. Whether its resources, information or meeting expectations, we’ll resolve it together. 
  • You are in charge. We bring expertise, processes and best practices, but you direct the vision.
  • You know who you are working with. We identify resources involved in the work, so you have confidence in the skills and capabilities of our people.
  • No surprises. You should understand what your final costs will be, what the deliverables are, and what processes are followed. 

That’s the Boxbrite Advantage.

Active monitoring for your solar energy system

The best-case scenario for your worst-case scenario.

When the markets churn and bubbles pop, the great thing about investing in solar energy is that the sun shines consistently year over year. We know you’ve committed to reducing your carbon footprint. You’ve chosen to do business in a way that is sustainable for the planet, and for your bottom line.


A recent study of large-scale solar plants found an average energy loss of 5.27%, or $160,000 per plant because:

  • 55% of plants had inverters that performed badly;
  • 65% had disconnected strings;
  • 35% had faulty irradiance sensors;
  • 80% of all issues can be traced to problems with module performance.

That’s where we can help. We ensure your investments provide top returns. We’ll be there when your installer goes home and when the warranty expires.

Solar Workbench

Boxbrite Technologies offers a best-in-class solar monitoring and data analytics platform called Solar Workbench. Currently, our platform actively monitors 300+ solar PV systems using the latest tech advances in big data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

We deliver a weekly analysis of your system’s performance. This analysis allows us to detect problems that may not be generating a hardware fault, but are costing you money. Here’s how we do it:

  • A trained analyst examines all system components, including inverters, strings, trackers etc.
  • We use environmental data, combined with both intra-site and inter-site comparisons, advanced analytics and any available camera data.
  • We quickly catch emerging problems and know whether an issue is weather- or system- related.

Daily Fault Monitoring

We’ve developed advanced low-level analysis tools to reveal sub-component problems that could otherwise last years

Weekly Performance Monitoring and Analysis

Our analysts study system components ; environmental, intra-, and inter-site data, and use advanced analytics to quickly identify emerging problems. 

Monthly system performance reports 

Monthly summary reports help you understand your systems’s trends, impact and outlooks.

Free introductory two-month trial period

For two months, we will evaluate your selected systems and show you how to use our software. After this evaluation period, you prepay for a multi-year contract; or you can walk away. 

Pricing Guide

  • System Size Monthly Charge

    Max inverters/ Strings

  • 0 < 14 kW $10

    2 inverters/ 40 microinverters

  • 15 < 49 kW $20

    4 inverters / 80 microinverters

  • 50 kW < 99 kW $40

    10 inverters

  • 100 kw <249 kW $70

    20 inverters

  • 250 kW <750 kW $100

    40 inverters

  • Pricing excludes any cloud hosting costs for systems using inverter hosting solutions; these are the responsibility of the customer.
  • Customers may be required to configure devices to push data to Workbench, or to provide needed credentials during the evaluation process. You may prefer to monitor an easily accessed subset of systems.
  • During the evaluation period, we’ll identify any additional hardware and costs (for example, a Solar-Log data logger) so all systems can be successfully monitored. You’ll know about additional costs before any yearly contract is signed.