Who we are now

Seventy per cent of our employees are newcomers to Canada. Members of our team have sought refuge here, and others live with neurodiversity. Their drive and commitment have dramatically changed our company.

We recognize the unique challenges – but also the benefits – of a diverse workforce, and we want to help our employees thrive. This approach has proven to turn highly educated and skilled people into trusted long-term employees. Expect that the people you meet today will be working with you for years to come.

With a deep commitment to stewardship, Leon Kehl puts the planet and people first. As a volunteer, he has helped people from different walks of life for many years, including talented people from different countries and faith traditions. Following Leon’s example, each member of our team is committed to doing their best.

This company is where Leon’s passions have met together – developing leading software, guiding a team to success and giving back to the community at the same time.

What else makes us tick?