About Us

What we do

Since founding Boxbrite in 2003, Leon Kehl has developed software solutions in the research, insurance, medical system, banking, and energy sectors.

For the last decade, our work has focused on the green energy industry. We’ve applied our experience in advanced analytics to ensure solar systems perform at peak efficiency for years. You are part of this transformation in renewable energy.

Active Monitoring

We develop monitoring software for the solar industry. Our technology integrates information, workflow, and processes, delivering actionable decisions to:

  • Better visualize your data
  • Provide trained personnel to work with you to keep systems working at peak efficiency
  • Detect and fix problems that often go unnoticed
  • Track your workflow, from detecting problems to resolving them
  • Precisely measure the costs of faults and inefficiencies
  • Monthly production and system reports

Bright ideas outside the box

As your needs evolve over time, we are there each step of the way. We can integrate data from a wide variety of systems, and if we don’t support everything used as part of your current processes, we can find a way to integrate or replace it. 

By choosing solar, you’ve done the right thing for the planet and for our climate. We’ll protect your investment as if it’s our own.

Our Values

There are a few things you should know about us, things that are central to the way we do business:

  1. Integrity is crucial. We are transparent. The lines of communication are always open. If we’ve said we’d do it, consider it done. You can count on us.
  2. We care about the planet, and strive to live justly and equitably with those who live on it. That means we’ll be stewards of your investment, and we’ll never take advantage of you.
  3. Success is measured not in dollar signs, but in smiles. If we’ve done our work well, our partners are delighted to continue the relationship, and our employees find meaning in their work.

Trusted relationships

Our business rises and falls on the state of our relationships. Here are eight things we’ve learned about fostering a successful partnership:

  1. Meeting our clients’ needs is at the top of our list of priorities.
  2. Whenever possible, we provide clients with options and recommendations, and respect their choice.
  3. Any proposed solution will be the best one for the client. We’ve learned to trust that focusing on our clients’ profitability leads to a mutually profitable relationship.
  4. Wherever possible, we will tailor our processes and solutions to meet the client’s needs.
  5. We only promise what we can reasonably deliver. And we deliver what we promise.
  6. If we make an error, we acknowledge it and make it right.
  7. We communicate openly and directly with our clients, treating them as part of our extended team to deliver a solution.
  8. After each engagement, we ask for your feedback on whether we fulfilled these statements. Your answers help us to improve.