Our Meeting Policy

Partway through the pandemic, we committed to keeping our employees safe by moving to a permanent home centred office model.

In a post-Covid working environment, nothing changes on that end; we remain committed to conducting business via home-centred offices and remote work.

Like most companies emerging from the pandemic, we been thinking about what happens next. Unlike some companies, we can do that knowing our entire team is fully vaccinated.

We’d love to meet face to face, if warranted; we know there is value in connecting with people in person. However, we don’t think our teammates should have to decide if masking is appropriate in a meeting or not.

Our team members always have the choice to attend any meeting remotely. Our company policy for in-person meetings uses two simple principles to keep ourselves and others safe

1.  Boxbrite staff will attend in-person meetings without masks if:  

  • all those in attendance are double vaccinated, and
  • all those in attendance are comfortable without masks.

2. If a participant from another company prefers not to disclose whether they’re fully vaccinated, all Boxbrite employees in attendance will wear their mask.

As a relationship-driven company, meeting face to face is important to us. It doesn’t take much to keep others safe from this highly transmissible virus. The safety of our team and our clients and partners, especially unvaccinated ones, is also important to us.