Leon, Leon Kehl

A Reluctant Businessman

“Ontario social entrepreneur works to automate monitoring of solar systems Leon Kehl has worked for himself for almost 28 years, but only recently stopped flinching when people would ask him if he was a businessman. “Entrepreneur, yes. Businessman no,” he said. “My transformation over the last two years is embracing the label of being a …

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Refactoring the Workplace

Two things changed the trajectory of Leon Kehl’s life: typing class and a Tandy computer. The software revolution taught Kehl, executive leader at Boxbrite Tech, that software concepts can apply to business models, too. Here’s how we refactored our workplace.

Local tech company makes permanent move to virtual offices

“While many local companies look to their own creative solutions to weather COVID-19, local software development firm Boxbrite Technologies is making the move to a permanent virtual environment. Moving to a “home centred office,” owner Leon Kehl said that the company’s fourteen employees have been working from home since the onset of the pandemic in …

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Workplace changes may stay

“Along with many other changes to our lives, the coronavirus pandemic has perhaps answered longstanding questions about whether or not large-scale telecommuting would work. It does, because it’s had to. Research from Statistics Canada, for instance, found that 40 per cent of Canadians have jobs that could be done at home, a number that’s likely …

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